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Meet Elisabeth Gardner

We have been breeding dogs for over 30 years dogs, it all started out with Great Danes in Germany and ended up with English Springer Spaniels in the United States. Many Danes from our kennel in the past had high titles like: 1 World Champion, Deutsche Champions, Internationale Champions and Junior Europa Champions.

Twenty years ago we started English Springer Spaniels, I always liked that breed. They very good family dogs, middle size ,means good to handle. I was very lucky it started out with a male "Maximus" that I bought on the street in Tombstone from a breeder that just moved there from Michigan and she had still 3 males for sale. He brought the most beautiful big boned puppies that I ever saw with our first female"Rubina" which I bought in Arkansas. All those years I fallowed that line, because line breeding is the only way to get that 'typical' look that kennels have and the best dogs. Still you have to be careful what you match. With my experience from breeding Great Danes I had the knowledge to be successful here too.

Later I decided to import Springers from Germany because of the better health screening and the old fashion look with many spots and far bigger bones and nicer heads then the American type. I blended them in, in our breeding program. Many more imports we got in the past from top breeders in Europe. We a very small kennel with only 4 females and 1 male. We don't have all the time puppies available, we not a 'mass' producer like some kennels around us. We strive for the highest quality in our puppies and so far it worked out. I highly recommend  to contact us early to get a wonderful puppy. We have many buyers that get Springers in the past years, all are very happy with our dogs that have a long healthy lifespan. All our puppies coming with a LIFETIME full health guarantee for all genetic defects written contract. If you unable to hold one of our dogs, we take him back and try to find a new wonderful home for them. We breeding all standard colors and roans.


From time to time we import frozen semen from champions overseas. This is very expensive but worthy.  Our puppies growing up in very healthy surroundings, white open land, no fleas, no ticks, no dangerous spot ons used, means no heart worms. They get fed fresh meat, high quality dry food and a mineral mix for big bones. They not in small kennels, we have those the first 4 weeks in our house and after that it is time to explore the world outside. We have a very nice building ( headed and air condition) triple insulated for Winter litters, with attached big runs and a doggy door, plus one acre fenced in with grass and trees. All our puppies are most potty trained and all know the word "NO" when they leaving with 8-9 weeks.

My husband and I we retired and we 24 hours with our babies, all my dogs are never alone.

If you look for a high quality puppy, you find the right place!

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